Refurnish Pagosa

Quality New & Gently Used
Furniture & Home Decor

Refurnish Pagosa has great prices on a huge selection of new and gently used high quality furniture and home decor in our diverse showrooms (including consignment retail). Time spent in the Refurnish Pagosa showrooms is always a fun and affordable shopping experience!

Wood Furniture

Refurnish Pagosa has all types of new & gently used wood furniture to choose from.

Chairs & Sofas

At Refurnish Pagosa you'll find new & gently used chairs and sofas in many different styles.

Art & Photographs

Art, prints, paintings, drawings, etc., are everywhere. There's something for everyone.

Lamps & Pillows

You'll find new & gently used lamps and lamp shades at Refurnish Pagosa.

Rugs & Leather

Refurnish Pagosa has quality old rugs, new rugs, and many middle of the road rugs.

Candles & Gifts

Candles always make great gifts... for friends, family and ourselves.

Refurnish Pagosa

Our Consignment Showrooms Are always being refreshed

We update our showrooms on a weekly basis (one or all of the items shown below, may no longer be available... items move fast). If you see something that you like ...give us a call or come on down.

picture frames

Picture Frames wooden frames, metal frames ...all types of picture frames.


Clocks vintage wall clocks are beautiful to look at.

paintings and prints

Paintings & Prints the art Refurnish Pagosa is fantastic.

cross art, crosses

Crosses religious items are available in our showrooms.

turtle art

Turtles animal art is always popular amongst our shoppers.

uttermost products

UTTERMOST Products our vendor Uttermost provides many beautiful items.

nail art racks

Nail Racks custom wood and nail art.

jewelry boxes, cloth boxes

Boxes boxes to put jewelry in or clothes or letters or pictures.

signs and boards

Signs & Boards chalk boards, word boards, sign art.

tables, chairs, plates

Table, Chairs & Plates beautiful tables and chairs and table settings are plentiful.

poweroy products

POMEROY Products rustic art. Beautiful napkin holders, cutting boards and other great items.

fruit table art

Fruit Table Art fake fruit always makes for a nice look on a table.

owl art

Unique Items glass and metal art ...and owls.

framed posters

Framed Posters modern & vintage poster art.

household accessories

Household Accessories country wood tables always comfort the soul.

cowboy pillows

Cowboy Pillows art pillows are beautiful for around the house


Copper copper bowls are treasures.


Chairs chairs are always in high demand Refurnish Pagosa.

candle holders

Unique Candles Holders unique metal candle holders are often very beautiful.

art prints

Art Prints cool old school art.


Plates rare plates are always a find.

household decor

Household Decor our showrooms are full of home decor.

christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations seasonal items are always just around the corner at Refurnish Pagosa.

serving plates

Serving Plate unique serving plates are wonderful..

bear art

Cool Bears we do live in the Rockies (Bears are present).

books and art

Books & Art art books and unique art.

small sculptures

Small Sculptures beautiful sculptures for the home or office.


Paintings beautiful paintings make great gifts..

faux plants

Faux Plants great for hot summers.

picture frames

Picture Frames beautiful picture frames are always on display.

vintage school chairs

Vintage School Chairs many memories are conjured at Refurnish Pagosa.


Prints a great variety of prints are almost always available.

welcome signs

Welcome Signs welcome signs are always very welcoming.

butterfly art

Butterfly Art butterfly art is often amazing.

framed art

Framed Art beautiful inexpensive framed art.

framed art

Framed Art sometimes you can look at a picture for hours.


Rugs rugs always make a for a great present.


Lamps lamps and lamp shades at Refurnish Pagosa.


Pottery pottery is always a winner.

indian art

Indian Art Indian art is awesome.

handmade gifts

Handmade Items beautiful craftsmanship is always on display on our shelves.


Unique Items & Gifts we have always seem to have some rare gems.

creative handmade pottery

Creative Pottery there's pottery... then there's pottery.

mission art

Mission Style Art art is always beautiful.

indian prints

Indian Prints great prints at Refurnish Pagosa.

cowboy hats

Cowboy Hats cowboy hats are very cool.

beds and pillows

Bed & Pillows jump on and take nap.

metal art

Metal Art shine (metal art is beautiful).

mother day gifts in pagosa

Mother Day Gifts there are many very beautiful gifts.

hanging candles

Hanging Candles hanging candle holders have a beauty to them.

beautiful framed art

Beautiful Framed Art this piece is very beautiful (it would make a wonderful gift).

pagosa treasures

Treasures beautiful painted art (great gifts).

home stuff in pagosa

Miscellaneous Stuff there's so much stuff to look at (there are many smalls).

chairs and mirrors

Chairs & Mirrors mirror mirror on the wall...


Art art is always amazing and never gets old.

glass bowls

Glass Bowls there's so many uses for glass bowls.

baskets for storage

Basket Storage a great place to put blankets.

tea cups in pagosa springs colorado

Tea Cups tea is always good as long as there is honey.

pagosa vintage art

Vintage Art some art just looks priceless.

pagosa pottery

Pottery some pottery just has glory attached.

home decor

Home Settings home settings are everywhere in our showrooms..

lamp shades

Lamp Shades lamp shades are cool (actually they're hot from the light).

table decor

Table Decor table decor fills a lot of voids.

Pagosa Springs paintings

Paintings art from everywhere.

copper bowls

Copper Bowls beautiful bowls are always gifting to have.

Pagosa Springs glass art

Glass Art glass art is so cool to look at and touch.

pencil art drawings

Pencil Art talent on paper.

Pagosa Springs animal art

Animal Art animals are loved at Refurnish Pagosa.

Pagosa Springs art books

Art Books big art books are always impressive.

Pagosa Springs glass jars

Glass Cookie Holders where are the cookies? Who ate the cookies?

wood home decor

Wood Products wood furniture is always beautiful.

couches and stands

Couch & Stand there's some really nice furniture at Refurnish Pagosa.

pagosa candle holders

Candle Holders candle holders are a safe way to enjoy a candle.

Pagosa Springs lamps

Lamps lamps are very popular in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Pagosa Springs decorative boxes

Decorative Boxes boxes of chocolate.

Pagosa Springs unique gifts

Unique Gifts there are many gift options available..

Pagosa Springs wood products

Wood Products beautiful wood storage boxes with metal latches.

Pagosa Springs wall art

Wall Art unique wall art is always a good find.

Pagosa Springs matted paintings

Matted Paintings paintings framed and matted are always great to look at.

Pagosa Springs black & white art

Black & white Art some great black & white drawings.

Pagosa Springs flower art

Flower Art flowers are always beautiful.

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